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High MPV level in the blood

Blood test
High MPV level in the blood
Last update: 30/03/2021

What is high MPV called?

  • Macrothrombocytes

What is the normal level of MPV in the blood?

If you need to know which are the MPV reference ranges or you require more information about the role of MPV in the blood, you can visit normal MPV level in the blood

What does a high MPV mean?

The MPV (Mean Platelet Volume) measures the average size in volume of the platelets in the blood.

The MPV is usually higher when the production or destruction of platelets is also high.

It is possible to discern three different causes for a high MPV depending on the platelet count:

A high MPV increases the risk to suffer a heart disease.

  • Mild macrothrombocytes (12 - 13 fl in adults):

    The platelet mean size is a bit bigger than normal range, but is not a matter for concern. In many labs, values up to 12 fl are considered to be in the normal range.

    The MPV is interesting for diagnosis when the platelet count is altered to discern the possible cause. If the platelet count is in the normal range, the alteration is not something to be worried about.

  • Severe macrothrombocytes (> 13 fl in adults):

    The platelet mean size is much bigger than normal range. It is rare and a visit to your doctor is recommended.

    The MPV should be studied along with platelet count to give a better diagnosis.

    If the MPV is very high, it may suggest a hereditary genetic disorder. For example, May-Hegglin anomaly, Bernard Soulier syndrome and gray platelet syndrome can be seen with values close to 13 fl, Sebastian syndrome with values around 18 fl and Fechtner syndrome can reach values of 20 fl.

Which factors can raise the MPV in a blood test?

There are some health circumstances or drugs than can raise your MPV level in the blood:

  • Splenectomy
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Artificial heart valve
  • Drugs
    • Erythropoietin (EPO)

Which diseases can raise your MPV in a blood test?

The most common diseases why the MPV can be higher than normal are:

What can I do to lower the MPV?

The MPV measurement is not related to the diet. Therefore, if you want to return MPV to normal range it is necessary to solve the underlying disease.

A high MPV value means that there is a higher risk to develop clots and heart problems. For this reason, if your doctor considers it appropriate, he can give prescribe you aspirin to reduce this risk.

Where can I find more information about MPV in the blood?

You can visit our pages about:

Which values are considered a high MPV level in the blood?

The following values are considered to be above the normal range:

IMPORTANT: These levels are expressed in fl (femtoliter). They are an example of a healthy man/woman of about 45 years old with no known disease and not taking any medication. The ranges can be different depending on the laboratory or on your personal circumstances.

Mild macrochrombocytes
12.1 fl12.2 fl12.3 fl12.4 fl12.5 fl12.6 fl12.7 fl12.8 fl
12.9 fl13 fl      
Severe macrochrombocytes
13.1 fl13.2 fl13.3 fl13.4 fl13.5 fl13.6 fl13.7 fl13.8 fl
13.9 fl14 fl14.1 fl14.2 fl14.3 fl14.4 fl14.5 fl14.6 fl
14.7 fl14.8 fl14.9 fl15 fl15.1 fl15.2 fl15.3 fl15.4 fl
15.5 fl15.6 fl15.7 fl15.8 fl15.9 fl16 fl16.1 fl16.2 fl
16.3 fl16.4 fl16.5 fl16.6 fl16.7 fl16.8 fl16.9 fl17 fl
17.1 fl17.2 fl17.3 fl17.4 fl17.5 fl17.6 fl17.7 fl17.8 fl
17.9 fl18 fl18.1 fl18.2 fl18.3 fl18.4 fl18.5 fl18.6 fl
18.7 fl18.8 fl18.9 fl19 fl19.1 fl19.2 fl19.3 fl19.4 fl
19.5 fl19.6 fl19.7 fl19.8 fl19.9 fl20 fl20.1 fl20.2 fl
20.3 fl20.4 fl20.5 fl20.6 fl20.7 fl20.8 fl20.9 fl21 fl
21.1 fl21.2 fl21.3 fl21.4 fl21.5 fl21.6 fl21.7 fl21.8 fl
21.9 fl22 fl      
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