Advertising policy

Advertising policy

Advertising policy and treatment:

Editorial independence

The editorial content of MrLabTest is written by an independent medical advisory board. Editorial content is not influenced by current or potential sponsors and advertisers. There is no conflict of interest between the MrLabTest medical Board and advertisers. All advertisements are independent of editorial decisions.

Advertising and Content Differentiation

Advertisements and editorial content on our web are clearly distinguishable. All ads on our page are entitled with the word "ADVERTISING" above them.

Sources of revenue

MrLabTest is an advertising-based revenue website. Our incomes come from banners and sponsors placed on our pages. MrLabtest decline the publication of advertising that is inappropriate to the content held on MrLabTest

Open access and no registration required

MrLabTest is an open access website, distributed online and free of cost. No registration is required to read MrLabTest information. That way, it is not possible to associate your personal data to the information you have visited in our page. You can read more in "Privacity"


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