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Increasing number of users

MrLabTest offers you a great audience interested in health information where you can place your advertisements.

Targeted advertising

MrLabTest can target the audience with two different approaches:

Interest and behavior

MrLabTest includes different sections and categories. You can choose to place your ad (banner) on a single page, on a section or on all the webpages.

Geographic location

You can choose to place your ad (banner) in just a country, a region, or even a city. The ad will be displayed only to the users from that location.

Effective advertising

The result is that only interested people from a geographic location or interested in a section will see your ad. For example, a “fortified breakfast cereal brand” will only advertise on iron deficiency related pages. A product sold only in Canada will advertise only for users of that country.

Monthly reports

MrLabTest will send you monthly reports of your ad performance: impressions and clicks of your ad.

Ad formats and rates

The main ad formats used on our pages are superbanner (728x90) and rectangle (300x250); We also placed non-conventional units (native ads, video, skin, etc.).

Reference rate: 20$ CPM (Cost per thousand ad impressions)

Contact us

If you want to know the audience you can reach in a section and/or a geographic location or if you want a custom quote, please contact us