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High platelet count in the blood

Blood test
High platelet count in the blood
Last update: 24/03/2021

What is a high count of platelets in the blood called?

  • Thrombocytosis

What is the normal count of platelets in the blood?

If you need to know which are the platelets reference ranges or you require more information about the role of platelets in the blood, you can visit normal platelet count in the blood

What does a high count of platelets in the blood mean?

A platelet count above the normal rate in blood test is called thrombocytosis.

There are two main types of thrombocytosis:

  • Primary or essential: Abnormal cells in the bone marrow cause an increase in platelets. It can be hereditary (rare) or acquired (more frequent).
  • Secondary or reactive: It is due to underlying events, disease, or the use of certain medications such as iron deficiencyanemia, cancer, and splenectomy. If the underlying cause is treated, the thrombocytosis may be reverted.

If you have a high number of platelets in the blood you will experience vasomotor symptoms, including headache, visual changes, syncope or chest pain) and cardiovascular disorders. Thrombocytosis increase the risk to suffer a stroke, a heart attack or a clot in the blood vessels.

Thrombocytosis is an emerging risk marker of malignant cancer, so it I s very important to study any unexplained thrombocytosis.

Thrombocytosis or a high platelet count in the blood means:

  • Mild thrombocytosis (400 - 500 x 103/µl in adults):

    A mild thrombocytosis with no symptoms attached is not a matter for concern.

    Many causes may raise temporarily your platelets in the blood. It may be due to iron deficiencyanemia where platelets count does not usually exceed 500 x 103/µl in adults.

  • Moderate thrombocytosis (500 - 700 x 103/µl in adults) :

    A moderate thrombocytosis requires a visit to your doctor. It is necessary to study the underlying causes if there is an increase above 600 x 103/µl in adults.

    A moderate thrombocytosis may be due to an infection (respiratory, gastrointestinal or urinary).

  • Marked thrombocytosis (700 - 900 x 103/µl in adults) :

    A marked thrombocytosis requires a study to know the underlying causes.

    It is usually related to secondary or reactive thrombocytosis due to an infection, an inflammatory disease (ulcerative colitis, arthritis, celiac disease, etc.) or produced by medication.

    Reactive thrombocytosis does not usually exceed 800 x 103 platelets/µl in adults compared with primary thrombocytosis, which has much higher platelet count.

  • Severe thrombocytosis (> 900 x 103/µl in adults) :

    A severe thrombocytosis are a matter for concern and require immediate medical attention.

    It may be due to essential thrombocythemia, a rare chronic blood cancer characterized by the overproduction of platelets. The diagnosis is based on a platelet count above 1000 x 103/µl and when a reactive or secondary thrombocytosis is excluded. It may be also due to chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).

    Essential thrombocythemia increases the risk of blood clots that can lead to a stroke or a heart attack.

Which factors can increase the platelet count in the blood?

There are some health circumstances or drugs than can raise your platelet count:

Which diseases can increase your platelet count in the blood?

A platelet count higher than normal may be a sign of the following diseases:

What can I do to lower the platelet count in the blood?

If you have a high count of platelets in the blood, you can follow the next tips:

  • Give up smoking.
  • Follow a healthy diet with an increase in the intake of vegetables and fish rich in Omega 3.

To avoid the clots in the blood you can consider the following tips:

  • Moderate intake of red wine (1 or 2 glasses per day) may help to reduce the risk of blood clotting.
  • Some products sold at pharmacy, such as Ginkgo or Ginseng may help to reduce platelet aggregation.
  • Once-daily low-dose aspirin (80 mg/day) is often recommended as a means of reducing thrombosis risk and reduce high platelet count.

Where can I find more information about platelet count in the blood?

You can visit our pages about:

Which values are considered a high platelet count in the blood?

The following values are considered to be above the normal range:

IMPORTANT: These levels are expressed in number of thousands/µl (microliter). They are an example of a healthy white man/woman of about 45 years old with no known disease and not taking any medication. The ranges can be different depending on the laboratory or on your personal circumstances.

Mild thrombocytosis
401 x 103/µl402 x 103/µl403 x 103/µl404 x 103/µl405 x 103/µl406 x 103/µl407 x 103/µl408 x 103/µl
409 x 103/µl410 x 103/µl411 x 103/µl412 x 103/µl413 x 103/µl414 x 103/µl415 x 103/µl416 x 103/µl
417 x 103/µl418 x 103/µl419 x 103/µl420 x 103/µl421 x 103/µl422 x 103/µl423 x 103/µl424 x 103/µl
425 x 103/µl426 x 103/µl427 x 103/µl428 x 103/µl429 x 103/µl430 x 103/µl431 x 103/µl432 x 103/µl
433 x 103/µl434 x 103/µl435 x 103/µl436 x 103/µl437 x 103/µl438 x 103/µl439 x 103/µl440 x 103/µl
441 x 103/µl442 x 103/µl443 x 103/µl444 x 103/µl445 x 103/µl446 x 103/µl447 x 103/µl448 x 103/µl
449 x 103/µl450 x 103/µl451 x 103/µl452 x 103/µl453 x 103/µl454 x 103/µl455 x 103/µl456 x 103/µl
457 x 103/µl458 x 103/µl459 x 103/µl460 x 103/µl461 x 103/µl462 x 103/µl463 x 103/µl464 x 103/µl
465 x 103/µl466 x 103/µl467 x 103/µl468 x 103/µl469 x 103/µl470 x 103/µl471 x 103/µl472 x 103/µl
473 x 103/µl474 x 103/µl475 x 103/µl476 x 103/µl477 x 103/µl478 x 103/µl479 x 103/µl480 x 103/µl
481 x 103/µl482 x 103/µl483 x 103/µl484 x 103/µl485 x 103/µl486 x 103/µl487 x 103/µl488 x 103/µl
489 x 103/µl490 x 103/µl491 x 103/µl492 x 103/µl493 x 103/µl494 x 103/µl495 x 103/µl496 x 103/µl
497 x 103/µl498 x 103/µl499 x 103/µl500 x 103/µl    
Moderate thrombocytosis
501 x 103/µl502 x 103/µl503 x 103/µl504 x 103/µl505 x 103/µl506 x 103/µl507 x 103/µl508 x 103/µl
509 x 103/µl510 x 103/µl511 x 103/µl512 x 103/µl513 x 103/µl514 x 103/µl515 x 103/µl516 x 103/µl
517 x 103/µl518 x 103/µl519 x 103/µl520 x 103/µl521 x 103/µl522 x 103/µl523 x 103/µl524 x 103/µl
525 x 103/µl526 x 103/µl527 x 103/µl528 x 103/µl529 x 103/µl530 x 103/µl531 x 103/µl532 x 103/µl
533 x 103/µl534 x 103/µl535 x 103/µl536 x 103/µl537 x 103/µl538 x 103/µl539 x 103/µl540 x 103/µl
541 x 103/µl542 x 103/µl543 x 103/µl544 x 103/µl545 x 103/µl546 x 103/µl547 x 103/µl548 x 103/µl
549 x 103/µl550 x 103/µl551 x 103/µl552 x 103/µl553 x 103/µl554 x 103/µl555 x 103/µl556 x 103/µl
557 x 103/µl558 x 103/µl559 x 103/µl560 x 103/µl561 x 103/µl562 x 103/µl563 x 103/µl564 x 103/µl
565 x 103/µl566 x 103/µl567 x 103/µl568 x 103/µl569 x 103/µl570 x 103/µl571 x 103/µl572 x 103/µl
573 x 103/µl574 x 103/µl575 x 103/µl576 x 103/µl577 x 103/µl578 x 103/µl579 x 103/µl580 x 103/µl
581 x 103/µl582 x 103/µl583 x 103/µl584 x 103/µl585 x 103/µl586 x 103/µl587 x 103/µl588 x 103/µl
589 x 103/µl590 x 103/µl591 x 103/µl592 x 103/µl593 x 103/µl594 x 103/µl595 x 103/µl596 x 103/µl
597 x 103/µl598 x 103/µl599 x 103/µl600 x 103/µl601 x 103/µl602 x 103/µl603 x 103/µl604 x 103/µl
605 x 103/µl606 x 103/µl607 x 103/µl608 x 103/µl609 x 103/µl610 x 103/µl611 x 103/µl612 x 103/µl
613 x 103/µl614 x 103/µl615 x 103/µl616 x 103/µl617 x 103/µl618 x 103/µl619 x 103/µl620 x 103/µl
621 x 103/µl622 x 103/µl623 x 103/µl624 x 103/µl625 x 103/µl626 x 103/µl627 x 103/µl628 x 103/µl
629 x 103/µl630 x 103/µl631 x 103/µl632 x 103/µl633 x 103/µl634 x 103/µl635 x 103/µl636 x 103/µl
637 x 103/µl638 x 103/µl639 x 103/µl640 x 103/µl641 x 103/µl642 x 103/µl643 x 103/µl644 x 103/µl
645 x 103/µl646 x 103/µl647 x 103/µl648 x 103/µl649 x 103/µl650 x 103/µl651 x 103/µl652 x 103/µl
653 x 103/µl654 x 103/µl655 x 103/µl656 x 103/µl657 x 103/µl658 x 103/µl659 x 103/µl660 x 103/µl
661 x 103/µl662 x 103/µl663 x 103/µl664 x 103/µl665 x 103/µl666 x 103/µl667 x 103/µl668 x 103/µl
669 x 103/µl670 x 103/µl671 x 103/µl672 x 103/µl673 x 103/µl674 x 103/µl675 x 103/µl676 x 103/µl
677 x 103/µl678 x 103/µl679 x 103/µl680 x 103/µl681 x 103/µl682 x 103/µl683 x 103/µl684 x 103/µl
685 x 103/µl686 x 103/µl687 x 103/µl688 x 103/µl689 x 103/µl690 x 103/µl691 x 103/µl692 x 103/µl
693 x 103/µl694 x 103/µl695 x 103/µl696 x 103/µl697 x 103/µl698 x 103/µl699 x 103/µl700 x 103/µl
Marked thrombocytosis
701 x 103/µl702 x 103/µl703 x 103/µl704 x 103/µl705 x 103/µl706 x 103/µl707 x 103/µl708 x 103/µl
709 x 103/µl710 x 103/µl711 x 103/µl712 x 103/µl713 x 103/µl714 x 103/µl715 x 103/µl716 x 103/µl
717 x 103/µl718 x 103/µl719 x 103/µl720 x 103/µl721 x 103/µl722 x 103/µl723 x 103/µl724 x 103/µl
725 x 103/µl726 x 103/µl727 x 103/µl728 x 103/µl729 x 103/µl730 x 103/µl731 x 103/µl732 x 103/µl
733 x 103/µl734 x 103/µl735 x 103/µl736 x 103/µl737 x 103/µl738 x 103/µl739 x 103/µl740 x 103/µl
741 x 103/µl742 x 103/µl743 x 103/µl744 x 103/µl745 x 103/µl746 x 103/µl747 x 103/µl748 x 103/µl
749 x 103/µl750 x 103/µl751 x 103/µl752 x 103/µl753 x 103/µl754 x 103/µl755 x 103/µl756 x 103/µl
757 x 103/µl758 x 103/µl759 x 103/µl760 x 103/µl761 x 103/µl762 x 103/µl763 x 103/µl764 x 103/µl
765 x 103/µl766 x 103/µl767 x 103/µl768 x 103/µl769 x 103/µl770 x 103/µl771 x 103/µl772 x 103/µl
773 x 103/µl774 x 103/µl775 x 103/µl776 x 103/µl777 x 103/µl778 x 103/µl779 x 103/µl780 x 103/µl
781 x 103/µl782 x 103/µl783 x 103/µl784 x 103/µl785 x 103/µl786 x 103/µl787 x 103/µl788 x 103/µl
789 x 103/µl790 x 103/µl791 x 103/µl792 x 103/µl793 x 103/µl794 x 103/µl795 x 103/µl796 x 103/µl
797 x 103/µl798 x 103/µl799 x 103/µl800 x 103/µl801 x 103/µl802 x 103/µl803 x 103/µl804 x 103/µl
805 x 103/µl806 x 103/µl807 x 103/µl808 x 103/µl809 x 103/µl810 x 103/µl811 x 103/µl812 x 103/µl
813 x 103/µl814 x 103/µl815 x 103/µl816 x 103/µl817 x 103/µl818 x 103/µl819 x 103/µl820 x 103/µl
821 x 103/µl822 x 103/µl823 x 103/µl824 x 103/µl825 x 103/µl826 x 103/µl827 x 103/µl828 x 103/µl
829 x 103/µl830 x 103/µl831 x 103/µl832 x 103/µl833 x 103/µl834 x 103/µl835 x 103/µl836 x 103/µl
837 x 103/µl838 x 103/µl839 x 103/µl840 x 103/µl841 x 103/µl842 x 103/µl843 x 103/µl844 x 103/µl
845 x 103/µl846 x 103/µl847 x 103/µl848 x 103/µl849 x 103/µl850 x 103/µl851 x 103/µl852 x 103/µl
853 x 103/µl854 x 103/µl855 x 103/µl856 x 103/µl857 x 103/µl858 x 103/µl859 x 103/µl860 x 103/µl
861 x 103/µl862 x 103/µl863 x 103/µl864 x 103/µl865 x 103/µl866 x 103/µl867 x 103/µl868 x 103/µl
869 x 103/µl870 x 103/µl871 x 103/µl872 x 103/µl873 x 103/µl874 x 103/µl875 x 103/µl876 x 103/µl
877 x 103/µl878 x 103/µl879 x 103/µl880 x 103/µl881 x 103/µl882 x 103/µl883 x 103/µl884 x 103/µl
885 x 103/µl886 x 103/µl887 x 103/µl888 x 103/µl889 x 103/µl890 x 103/µl891 x 103/µl892 x 103/µl
893 x 103/µl894 x 103/µl895 x 103/µl896 x 103/µl897 x 103/µl898 x 103/µl899 x 103/µl900 x 103/µl
Severe thrombocytosis
901 x 103/µl902 x 103/µl903 x 103/µl904 x 103/µl905 x 103/µl906 x 103/µl907 x 103/µl908 x 103/µl
909 x 103/µl910 x 103/µl911 x 103/µl912 x 103/µl913 x 103/µl914 x 103/µl915 x 103/µl916 x 103/µl
917 x 103/µl918 x 103/µl919 x 103/µl920 x 103/µl921 x 103/µl922 x 103/µl923 x 103/µl924 x 103/µl
925 x 103/µl926 x 103/µl927 x 103/µl928 x 103/µl929 x 103/µl930 x 103/µl931 x 103/µl932 x 103/µl
933 x 103/µl934 x 103/µl935 x 103/µl936 x 103/µl937 x 103/µl938 x 103/µl939 x 103/µl940 x 103/µl
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