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Low MPV level in the blood

Blood test
Low MPV level in the blood
Last update: 30/03/2021

What is a low MPV called?

  • Microthrombocytes

What is the normal level of MPV in the blood?

If you need to know which are the MPV reference ranges or you require more information about the role of MPV in the blood, you can visit normal MPV level in the blood

What does a low MPV in a blood test mean?

The MPV (Mean Platelet Volume) is a measurement of the average size of platelets in volume. A low MPV means that platelets are smaller than normal.

A low MPV may be due to:

  • If the platelet count is lower than normal: Aplastic anemia or chemotherapy drugs.
  • If the platelet count is in normal range: Kidney failure.
  • If the platelet count is high: An infection, inflammation or any type cancer.

There is a genetic hereditary disorder relate to a very low MPV value called Wiskott–Aldrich syndrome.

  • Mild microthrombocytes (6.5 - 9 fl in adults):

    The size of the platelets is a bit smaller than normal. In many labs, values down to 7 fl are considered to be in the normal range. Therefore, it is not a matter for concern.

    It may be due to an occasional situation or because your normal values are in this range. If you have no other blood parameter altered and no symptoms, there is no much to worry about. It is probable that in the next test your values return to the normal range.

  • Severe microthrombocytes (< 6.5 fl in adults):

    MPV values are too low. It may be due to Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome. It is a rare disease where MPV is usually between 3 and 5 fl, there is a low platelet count in the blood, as well as skin eczema and immunodeficiency.

    In any case, a visit to your doctor is necessary.

Which factors can reduce the MPV?

There are some circumstances and drugs than can reduce your MPV:

Which diseases can reduce your MPV?

What can I do to increase the MPV level in the blood?

The MPV may increase if the underlying disease is properly treated. Many times, it is only due to an infection or inflammation. Once the problem is solved, MPV return to normal range.

People with a low MPV bleed easily. Therefore, it is not recommended to take aspirin or other anticoagulants.

Where can I find more information about MPV in the blood?

You can visit our pages about:

Which values are considered a low MPV level in the blood?

The following values are considered to be below the normal range:

IMPORTANT: These levels are expressed in fl (femtoliter). They are an example of a healthy man/woman of about 45 years old with no known disease and not taking any medication. The ranges can be different depending on the laboratory or on your personal circumstances.

Midl microchrombocytes
8.9 fl8.8 fl8.7 fl8.6 fl8.5 fl8.4 fl8.3 fl8.2 fl
8.1 fl8 fl7.9 fl7.8 fl7.7 fl7.6 fl7.5 fl7.4 fl
7.3 fl7.2 fl7.1 fl7 fl6.9 fl6.8 fl6.7 fl6.6 fl
6.5 fl       
Severe microchrombocytes
6.4 fl6.3 fl6.2 fl6.1 fl6 fl5.9 fl5.8 fl5.7 fl
5.6 fl5.5 fl5.4 fl5.3 fl5.2 fl5.1 fl5 fl4.9 fl
4.8 fl4.7 fl4.6 fl4.5 fl4.4 fl4.3 fl4.2 fl4.1 fl
4 fl3.9 fl3.8 fl3.7 fl3.6 fl3.5 fl3.4 fl3.3 fl
3.2 fl3.1 fl3 fl2.9 fl2.8 fl2.7 fl2.6 fl2.5 fl
2.4 fl2.3 fl2.2 fl2.1 fl2 fl1.9 fl1.8 fl1.7 fl
1.6 fl1.5 fl      
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