Blood test

High vitamin D level in the blood

Blood test
High vitamin D level in the blood
Last update: 27/05/2022

What is high vitamin D level in the blood called?

  • Vitamin D high

What is the normal level of vitamin D in the blood?

If you need to know which are the vitamin D reference ranges or you require more information about vitamin D in a blood test, you can visit normal vitamin D in a blood test.

What does a high vitamin D level in the blood mean?

A high value of vitamin D in the blood is not common, but may be seen in case of a high intake of vitamin D or a high exposure to the sunlight. However, many times it is due to an excessive long-term use of supplements containing vitamin D.

The vitamin D blood test usually measures only the 25-hydroxy vitamin D [25(OH)D] that it is the main circulating form of vitamin D.

Vitamin D [25(OH)D] blood values are usually given in ng/ml but sometimes you can see these values in nmol/l following the International System of Units (SI). In case your values are in nmol/l you can convert them using this tool:


A high vitamin D [25(OH)D] level in the blood means:

  • Moderate vitamin D increase (50 - 100 ng/ml in adults):

    The vitamin D level in the blood is a bit high. Vitamin D is produced by exposure to sunlight. As a result, it can be increased in some groups such as surfers or lifeguards.

    It is advisable to monitor the level in future blood tests and visit your doctor in case you are taking vitamin supplements.

  • Severe vitamin D increase (> 100 ng/ml in adults) :

    The vitamin D level in the blood is very high and it is necessary to reduce it in order to avoid serious health problems.

    A severe vitamin D increase may cause symptoms such as nausea, anorexia, weakness, and constipation.

    Values over 150 ng/ml are considered toxic levels and may lead to hypercalcemia (high concentration of calcium in the blood), hypercalciuria (excessive urinary calcium excretion) and suppression of PTH hormone (parathyroid hormone) with their related problems.

Which factors can raise the vitamin D level in the blood?

A vitamin D [25(OH)D] level in the blood higher than normal may be a sign of the following diseases:

  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Vitamin D intoxication
  • Drugs

Which diseases can raise your vitamin D level in the blood?

A vitamin D [25(OH)D] level in the blood higher than normal may be a sign of the following diseases:

  • Williams syndrome

    What can I do to lower the vitamin D level in the blood?

    Most cases of an excessive increase in the vitamin D concentration in the blood are related to an inappropriate use (unlicensed or poorly formulated) or an abuse of vitamin D supplements. If this is your case, you should stop taking vitamin D supplements and if you doctor considers it convenient reduce the calcium intake on diet.

    Where can I find more information about vitamin D in a blood test?

    You can visit our pages about:

    Which values are considered a high vitamin D in a blood test?

    The following values are considered to be above the normal range:

    IMPORTANT: These levels are expressed in ng/ml. They are an example of a healthy adult of about 45 years old with no known disease with an adequate sunlight exposure and not taking any medication. The ranges can be different depending on the laboratory or on your personal circumstances.

    Vitamin D
    Moderate vitamin D increase
    50.1 ng/ml50.2 ng/ml50.3 ng/ml50.4 ng/ml50.5 ng/ml50.6 ng/ml50.7 ng/ml50.8 ng/ml
    50.9 ng/ml51 ng/ml51.1 ng/ml51.2 ng/ml51.3 ng/ml51.4 ng/ml51.5 ng/ml51.6 ng/ml
    51.7 ng/ml51.8 ng/ml51.9 ng/ml52 ng/ml52.1 ng/ml52.2 ng/ml52.3 ng/ml52.4 ng/ml
    52.5 ng/ml52.6 ng/ml52.7 ng/ml52.8 ng/ml52.9 ng/ml53 ng/ml53.1 ng/ml53.2 ng/ml
    53.3 ng/ml53.4 ng/ml53.5 ng/ml53.6 ng/ml53.7 ng/ml53.8 ng/ml53.9 ng/ml54 ng/ml
    54.1 ng/ml54.2 ng/ml54.3 ng/ml54.4 ng/ml54.5 ng/ml54.6 ng/ml54.7 ng/ml54.8 ng/ml
    54.9 ng/ml55 ng/ml55.1 ng/ml55.2 ng/ml55.3 ng/ml55.4 ng/ml55.5 ng/ml55.6 ng/ml
    55.7 ng/ml55.8 ng/ml55.9 ng/ml56 ng/ml56.1 ng/ml56.2 ng/ml56.3 ng/ml56.4 ng/ml
    56.5 ng/ml56.6 ng/ml56.7 ng/ml56.8 ng/ml56.9 ng/ml57 ng/ml57.1 ng/ml57.2 ng/ml
    57.3 ng/ml57.4 ng/ml57.5 ng/ml57.6 ng/ml57.7 ng/ml57.8 ng/ml57.9 ng/ml58 ng/ml
    58.1 ng/ml58.2 ng/ml58.3 ng/ml58.4 ng/ml58.5 ng/ml58.6 ng/ml58.7 ng/ml58.8 ng/ml
    58.9 ng/ml59 ng/ml59.1 ng/ml59.2 ng/ml59.3 ng/ml59.4 ng/ml59.5 ng/ml59.6 ng/ml
    59.7 ng/ml59.8 ng/ml59.9 ng/ml60 ng/ml60.1 ng/ml60.2 ng/ml60.3 ng/ml60.4 ng/ml
    60.5 ng/ml60.6 ng/ml60.7 ng/ml60.8 ng/ml60.9 ng/ml61 ng/ml61.1 ng/ml61.2 ng/ml
    61.3 ng/ml61.4 ng/ml61.5 ng/ml61.6 ng/ml61.7 ng/ml61.8 ng/ml61.9 ng/ml62 ng/ml
    62.1 ng/ml62.2 ng/ml62.3 ng/ml62.4 ng/ml62.5 ng/ml62.6 ng/ml62.7 ng/ml62.8 ng/ml
    62.9 ng/ml63 ng/ml63.1 ng/ml63.2 ng/ml63.3 ng/ml63.4 ng/ml63.5 ng/ml63.6 ng/ml
    63.7 ng/ml63.8 ng/ml63.9 ng/ml64 ng/ml64.1 ng/ml64.2 ng/ml64.3 ng/ml64.4 ng/ml
    64.5 ng/ml64.6 ng/ml64.7 ng/ml64.8 ng/ml64.9 ng/ml65 ng/ml65.1 ng/ml65.2 ng/ml
    65.3 ng/ml65.4 ng/ml65.5 ng/ml65.6 ng/ml65.7 ng/ml65.8 ng/ml65.9 ng/ml66 ng/ml
    66.1 ng/ml66.2 ng/ml66.3 ng/ml66.4 ng/ml66.5 ng/ml66.6 ng/ml66.7 ng/ml66.8 ng/ml
    66.9 ng/ml67 ng/ml67.1 ng/ml67.2 ng/ml67.3 ng/ml67.4 ng/ml67.5 ng/ml67.6 ng/ml
    67.7 ng/ml67.8 ng/ml67.9 ng/ml68 ng/ml68.1 ng/ml68.2 ng/ml68.3 ng/ml68.4 ng/ml
    68.5 ng/ml68.6 ng/ml68.7 ng/ml68.8 ng/ml68.9 ng/ml69 ng/ml69.1 ng/ml69.2 ng/ml
    69.3 ng/ml69.4 ng/ml69.5 ng/ml69.6 ng/ml69.7 ng/ml69.8 ng/ml69.9 ng/ml70 ng/ml
    70.1 ng/ml70.2 ng/ml70.3 ng/ml70.4 ng/ml70.5 ng/ml70.6 ng/ml70.7 ng/ml70.8 ng/ml
    70.9 ng/ml71 ng/ml71.1 ng/ml71.2 ng/ml71.3 ng/ml71.4 ng/ml71.5 ng/ml71.6 ng/ml
    71.7 ng/ml71.8 ng/ml71.9 ng/ml72 ng/ml72.1 ng/ml72.2 ng/ml72.3 ng/ml72.4 ng/ml
    72.5 ng/ml72.6 ng/ml72.7 ng/ml72.8 ng/ml72.9 ng/ml73 ng/ml73.1 ng/ml73.2 ng/ml
    73.3 ng/ml73.4 ng/ml73.5 ng/ml73.6 ng/ml73.7 ng/ml73.8 ng/ml73.9 ng/ml74 ng/ml
    74.1 ng/ml74.2 ng/ml74.3 ng/ml74.4 ng/ml74.5 ng/ml74.6 ng/ml74.7 ng/ml74.8 ng/ml
    74.9 ng/ml75 ng/ml75.1 ng/ml75.2 ng/ml75.3 ng/ml75.4 ng/ml75.5 ng/ml75.6 ng/ml
    75.7 ng/ml75.8 ng/ml75.9 ng/ml76 ng/ml76.1 ng/ml76.2 ng/ml76.3 ng/ml76.4 ng/ml
    76.5 ng/ml76.6 ng/ml76.7 ng/ml76.8 ng/ml76.9 ng/ml77 ng/ml77.1 ng/ml77.2 ng/ml
    77.3 ng/ml77.4 ng/ml77.5 ng/ml77.6 ng/ml77.7 ng/ml77.8 ng/ml77.9 ng/ml78 ng/ml
    78.1 ng/ml78.2 ng/ml78.3 ng/ml78.4 ng/ml78.5 ng/ml78.6 ng/ml78.7 ng/ml78.8 ng/ml
    78.9 ng/ml79 ng/ml79.1 ng/ml79.2 ng/ml79.3 ng/ml79.4 ng/ml79.5 ng/ml79.6 ng/ml
    79.7 ng/ml79.8 ng/ml79.9 ng/ml80 ng/ml80.1 ng/ml80.2 ng/ml80.3 ng/ml80.4 ng/ml
    80.5 ng/ml80.6 ng/ml80.7 ng/ml80.8 ng/ml80.9 ng/ml81 ng/ml81.1 ng/ml81.2 ng/ml
    81.3 ng/ml81.4 ng/ml81.5 ng/ml81.6 ng/ml81.7 ng/ml81.8 ng/ml81.9 ng/ml82 ng/ml
    82.1 ng/ml82.2 ng/ml82.3 ng/ml82.4 ng/ml82.5 ng/ml82.6 ng/ml82.7 ng/ml82.8 ng/ml
    82.9 ng/ml83 ng/ml83.1 ng/ml83.2 ng/ml83.3 ng/ml83.4 ng/ml83.5 ng/ml83.6 ng/ml
    83.7 ng/ml83.8 ng/ml83.9 ng/ml84 ng/ml84.1 ng/ml84.2 ng/ml84.3 ng/ml84.4 ng/ml
    84.5 ng/ml84.6 ng/ml84.7 ng/ml84.8 ng/ml84.9 ng/ml85 ng/ml85.1 ng/ml85.2 ng/ml
    85.3 ng/ml85.4 ng/ml85.5 ng/ml85.6 ng/ml85.7 ng/ml85.8 ng/ml85.9 ng/ml86 ng/ml
    86.1 ng/ml86.2 ng/ml86.3 ng/ml86.4 ng/ml86.5 ng/ml86.6 ng/ml86.7 ng/ml86.8 ng/ml
    86.9 ng/ml87 ng/ml87.1 ng/ml87.2 ng/ml87.3 ng/ml87.4 ng/ml87.5 ng/ml87.6 ng/ml
    87.7 ng/ml87.8 ng/ml87.9 ng/ml88 ng/ml88.1 ng/ml88.2 ng/ml88.3 ng/ml88.4 ng/ml
    88.5 ng/ml88.6 ng/ml88.7 ng/ml88.8 ng/ml88.9 ng/ml89 ng/ml89.1 ng/ml89.2 ng/ml
    89.3 ng/ml89.4 ng/ml89.5 ng/ml89.6 ng/ml89.7 ng/ml89.8 ng/ml89.9 ng/ml90 ng/ml
    90.1 ng/ml90.2 ng/ml90.3 ng/ml90.4 ng/ml90.5 ng/ml90.6 ng/ml90.7 ng/ml90.8 ng/ml
    90.9 ng/ml91 ng/ml91.1 ng/ml91.2 ng/ml91.3 ng/ml91.4 ng/ml91.5 ng/ml91.6 ng/ml
    91.7 ng/ml91.8 ng/ml91.9 ng/ml92 ng/ml92.1 ng/ml92.2 ng/ml92.3 ng/ml92.4 ng/ml
    92.5 ng/ml92.6 ng/ml92.7 ng/ml92.8 ng/ml92.9 ng/ml93 ng/ml93.1 ng/ml93.2 ng/ml
    93.3 ng/ml93.4 ng/ml93.5 ng/ml93.6 ng/ml93.7 ng/ml93.8 ng/ml93.9 ng/ml94 ng/ml
    94.1 ng/ml94.2 ng/ml94.3 ng/ml94.4 ng/ml94.5 ng/ml94.6 ng/ml94.7 ng/ml94.8 ng/ml
    94.9 ng/ml95 ng/ml95.1 ng/ml95.2 ng/ml95.3 ng/ml95.4 ng/ml95.5 ng/ml95.6 ng/ml
    95.7 ng/ml95.8 ng/ml95.9 ng/ml96 ng/ml96.1 ng/ml96.2 ng/ml96.3 ng/ml96.4 ng/ml
    96.5 ng/ml96.6 ng/ml96.7 ng/ml96.8 ng/ml96.9 ng/ml97 ng/ml97.1 ng/ml97.2 ng/ml
    97.3 ng/ml97.4 ng/ml97.5 ng/ml97.6 ng/ml97.7 ng/ml97.8 ng/ml97.9 ng/ml98 ng/ml
    98.1 ng/ml98.2 ng/ml98.3 ng/ml98.4 ng/ml98.5 ng/ml98.6 ng/ml98.7 ng/ml98.8 ng/ml
    98.9 ng/ml99 ng/ml99.1 ng/ml99.2 ng/ml99.3 ng/ml99.4 ng/ml99.5 ng/ml99.6 ng/ml
    99.7 ng/ml99.8 ng/ml99.9 ng/ml100 ng/ml    
    Severe vitamin D increase
    100.1 ng/ml100.2 ng/ml100.3 ng/ml100.4 ng/ml100.5 ng/ml100.6 ng/ml100.7 ng/ml100.8 ng/ml
    100.9 ng/ml101 ng/ml101.1 ng/ml101.2 ng/ml101.3 ng/ml101.4 ng/ml101.5 ng/ml101.6 ng/ml
    101.7 ng/ml101.8 ng/ml101.9 ng/ml102 ng/ml102.1 ng/ml102.2 ng/ml102.3 ng/ml102.4 ng/ml
    102.5 ng/ml102.6 ng/ml102.7 ng/ml102.8 ng/ml102.9 ng/ml103 ng/ml103.1 ng/ml103.2 ng/ml
    103.3 ng/ml103.4 ng/ml103.5 ng/ml103.6 ng/ml103.7 ng/ml103.8 ng/ml103.9 ng/ml104 ng/ml
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