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High basophil count in the blood

Blood test
High basophil count in the blood
Last update: 09/03/2021

What is a high count of basophils in the blood called?

  • Basophilia

What is the normal count of basophils in the blood?

If you need to know which are the basophils reference ranges or you require more information about the role of basophils in the blood, you can visit normal basophil count in the blood

What does a high count of basophils in the blood mean?

An increase in the total circulating basophils in the blood is called basophilia. Basophils are the less numerous type of WBC (White Blood Cell) that are measured in a blood test.

The increase of total basophil count is usually seen also in the percentage of basophils of the total WBC count. It will be above the 2% but it is better to make the study based on the total basophil count.

The most common causes of basophilia are:

Basophilia with no other parameter out of normal range (eosinophils or total WBC) is rare.

Basophilia or a high basophil count in the blood means:

  • Moderate basophilia (200 - 500 /µl in adults):

    Basophil count is a bit high. The most common causes of a moderate basophilia are:

    Talk to your doctor to get a correct diagnosis.

  • Severe basophilia (> 500 /µl in adults):

    A severe basophilia is usually related to myelodysplastic syndrome and leukemia. The most common cause is chronic myeloid leukemia.

    In case of chronic myeloid leukemia, the basophil percentage is usually above the 20% of the total WBC (White Blood Cell) and neutrophils and eosinophils are also above the normal range.

    A visit to your doctor is advisable to find the underlying cause of basophil count increase.

Which factors can increase the basophil count in the blood?

There are some health circumstances and drugs than can raise your basophil count:

  • Splenectomy
  • Lead poisoning
  • Drugs
    • Anxiolytic
      • Triazolam
    • Antineoplastics
      • Tretinoin
    • Antidepressant
      • Desipramine
      • Paroxetine
      • Venlafaxine
    • Sex hormones
      • Estrogens

Which diseases can increase your basophil count in the blood?

A basophil count higher than normal may be a sign of the following diseases:

What can I do to lower the basophil count in the blood?

In order to lower the basophil count, it is necessary to find the underlying disorder and treat it.

If your doctor considers it appropriate, he can prescribe you medication to reduce the basophil count.

Where can I find more information about basophil count in the blood?

You can visit our pages about:

Which values are considered a high basophil count in the blood?

The following values are considered to be above the normal range:

IMPORTANT: These levels are expressed in number /µl (microliter). They are an example of a healthy white man/woman of about 45 years old with no known disease and not taking any medication. The ranges can be different depending on the laboratory or on your personal circumstances.

Moderate basophilia
201 /µl202 /µl203 /µl204 /µl205 /µl206 /µl207 /µl208 /µl
209 /µl210 /µl211 /µl212 /µl213 /µl214 /µl215 /µl216 /µl
217 /µl218 /µl219 /µl220 /µl221 /µl222 /µl223 /µl224 /µl
225 /µl226 /µl227 /µl228 /µl229 /µl230 /µl231 /µl232 /µl
233 /µl234 /µl235 /µl236 /µl237 /µl238 /µl239 /µl240 /µl
241 /µl242 /µl243 /µl244 /µl245 /µl246 /µl247 /µl248 /µl
249 /µl250 /µl251 /µl252 /µl253 /µl254 /µl255 /µl256 /µl
257 /µl258 /µl259 /µl260 /µl261 /µl262 /µl263 /µl264 /µl
265 /µl266 /µl267 /µl268 /µl269 /µl270 /µl271 /µl272 /µl
273 /µl274 /µl275 /µl276 /µl277 /µl278 /µl279 /µl280 /µl
281 /µl282 /µl283 /µl284 /µl285 /µl286 /µl287 /µl288 /µl
289 /µl290 /µl291 /µl292 /µl293 /µl294 /µl295 /µl296 /µl
297 /µl298 /µl299 /µl300 /µl301 /µl302 /µl303 /µl304 /µl
305 /µl306 /µl307 /µl308 /µl309 /µl310 /µl311 /µl312 /µl
313 /µl314 /µl315 /µl316 /µl317 /µl318 /µl319 /µl320 /µl
321 /µl322 /µl323 /µl324 /µl325 /µl326 /µl327 /µl328 /µl
329 /µl330 /µl331 /µl332 /µl333 /µl334 /µl335 /µl336 /µl
337 /µl338 /µl339 /µl340 /µl341 /µl342 /µl343 /µl344 /µl
345 /µl346 /µl347 /µl348 /µl349 /µl350 /µl351 /µl352 /µl
353 /µl354 /µl355 /µl356 /µl357 /µl358 /µl359 /µl360 /µl
361 /µl362 /µl363 /µl364 /µl365 /µl366 /µl367 /µl368 /µl
369 /µl370 /µl371 /µl372 /µl373 /µl374 /µl375 /µl376 /µl
377 /µl378 /µl379 /µl380 /µl381 /µl382 /µl383 /µl384 /µl
385 /µl386 /µl387 /µl388 /µl389 /µl390 /µl391 /µl392 /µl
393 /µl394 /µl395 /µl396 /µl397 /µl398 /µl399 /µl400 /µl
401 /µl402 /µl403 /µl404 /µl405 /µl406 /µl407 /µl408 /µl
409 /µl410 /µl411 /µl412 /µl413 /µl414 /µl415 /µl416 /µl
417 /µl418 /µl419 /µl420 /µl421 /µl422 /µl423 /µl424 /µl
425 /µl426 /µl427 /µl428 /µl429 /µl430 /µl431 /µl432 /µl
433 /µl434 /µl435 /µl436 /µl437 /µl438 /µl439 /µl440 /µl
441 /µl442 /µl443 /µl444 /µl445 /µl446 /µl447 /µl448 /µl
449 /µl450 /µl451 /µl452 /µl453 /µl454 /µl455 /µl456 /µl
457 /µl458 /µl459 /µl460 /µl461 /µl462 /µl463 /µl464 /µl
465 /µl466 /µl467 /µl468 /µl469 /µl470 /µl471 /µl472 /µl
473 /µl474 /µl475 /µl476 /µl477 /µl478 /µl479 /µl480 /µl
481 /µl482 /µl483 /µl484 /µl485 /µl486 /µl487 /µl488 /µl
489 /µl490 /µl491 /µl492 /µl493 /µl494 /µl495 /µl496 /µl
497 /µl498 /µl499 /µl500 /µl    
Severe basophilia
501 /µl502 /µl503 /µl504 /µl505 /µl506 /µl507 /µl508 /µl
509 /µl510 /µl511 /µl512 /µl513 /µl514 /µl515 /µl516 /µl
517 /µl518 /µl519 /µl520 /µl521 /µl522 /µl523 /µl524 /µl
525 /µl526 /µl527 /µl528 /µl529 /µl530 /µl531 /µl532 /µl
533 /µl534 /µl535 /µl536 /µl537 /µl538 /µl539 /µl540 /µl
541 /µl542 /µl543 /µl544 /µl545 /µl546 /µl547 /µl548 /µl
549 /µl550 /µl551 /µl552 /µl553 /µl554 /µl555 /µl556 /µl
557 /µl558 /µl559 /µl560 /µl561 /µl562 /µl563 /µl564 /µl
565 /µl566 /µl567 /µl568 /µl569 /µl570 /µl571 /µl572 /µl
573 /µl574 /µl575 /µl576 /µl577 /µl578 /µl579 /µl580 /µl
581 /µl582 /µl583 /µl584 /µl585 /µl586 /µl587 /µl588 /µl
589 /µl590 /µl591 /µl592 /µl593 /µl594 /µl595 /µl596 /µl
597 /µl598 /µl599 /µl600 /µl601 /µl602 /µl603 /µl604 /µl
605 /µl606 /µl607 /µl608 /µl609 /µl610 /µl611 /µl612 /µl
613 /µl614 /µl615 /µl616 /µl617 /µl618 /µl619 /µl620 /µl
621 /µl622 /µl623 /µl624 /µl625 /µl626 /µl627 /µl628 /µl
629 /µl630 /µl631 /µl632 /µl633 /µl634 /µl635 /µl636 /µl
637 /µl638 /µl639 /µl640 /µl641 /µl642 /µl643 /µl644 /µl
645 /µl646 /µl647 /µl648 /µl649 /µl650 /µl651 /µl652 /µl
653 /µl654 /µl655 /µl656 /µl657 /µl658 /µl659 /µl660 /µl
661 /µl662 /µl663 /µl664 /µl665 /µl666 /µl667 /µl668 /µl
669 /µl670 /µl671 /µl672 /µl673 /µl674 /µl675 /µl676 /µl
677 /µl678 /µl679 /µl680 /µl681 /µl682 /µl683 /µl684 /µl
685 /µl686 /µl687 /µl688 /µl689 /µl690 /µl691 /µl692 /µl
693 /µl694 /µl695 /µl696 /µl697 /µl698 /µl699 /µl700 /µl
701 /µl702 /µl703 /µl704 /µl705 /µl706 /µl707 /µl708 /µl
709 /µl710 /µl711 /µl712 /µl713 /µl714 /µl715 /µl716 /µl
717 /µl718 /µl719 /µl720 /µl721 /µl722 /µl723 /µl724 /µl
725 /µl726 /µl727 /µl728 /µl729 /µl730 /µl731 /µl732 /µl
733 /µl734 /µl735 /µl736 /µl737 /µl738 /µl739 /µl740 /µl
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